10 Tools For Home Budgeting

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 | 0 comments

Lets face it, no one likes to sit down and think about their finances and plan how much of their income to spend and how much to save. Fortunately, there are many budgeting tools online which are free and can help you plan your spending while keeping some money aside for larger purchases in the future.

Below are ten examples of home budgeting tools:

1. Mint.com
This site allows you to link all your accounts and lets you draw up monthly budgets, create financial goals to pay off debts and will even send reminders to your mobile.

2. BudgetPulse.com
3. Budget Tracker.com

If you are uncomfortable with linking your financial accounts to a budgeting site, these two tools allow you to manually enter accounts, transactions and balances. They also include comprehensive features such as bill reminders and budget lists.

4. Manilla.com

This budgeting tool will help you keep track of everyday spending as well as reward programs, loyalty programs and daily deals from hotels, airlines and car rentals. Simply link your accounts and payments to give you a clear picture of where your finances are standing and allows you to decide on your own priorities.

5. BillMonk.com
6. PayDivvy.com

The above two tools are designed for use in situations where there is group spending involved, such as expenses shared with roommates, or splitting a bill between several participants on a group vacation, dinner or ticket purchases.

7. BudgetPulse

This online budgeting program offers simple standard budgeting tools with tracking features. Budget Pulse does not link to your financial accounts, which makes it ideal for those who are security minded. It saves your goals, plans and you can import information from other programs such as Quicken or Microsoft Money, as well as spreadsheets and bank statements.

8. MoneyStrands

This online program will help you get started on a budget by creating a realistic spending plan over 12 months. It helps you keep control of your spending by automatically importing and categorizing banking activities. The free companion app for iPhone helps you get updates anywhere, anytime.

9. Kiplinger

This site offers a household budget worksheet to help you plan your budget and reach your saving and spending goals. Simply enter your income sources and projected spending. Return and repeat to update and track actual spending.

10. BudgetSimple

A personal budgeting tool that analyzes your budget and prepares a planner with suggestions for saving money, cutting down on spending and creating a savings incentive. Expenses can be entered manually or connected to your bank for auto linking to your accounts. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions to keep your finances on track.

Managing your finances by budgeting can be quite daunting, even for those who are perfectly aux fait with spreadsheets and managing accounts. However, these personal finance tools will make the job simple and easy so that you can keep track of where your money goes and how to save.

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