3 Vital Steps To Start Your Strategic Plan

Posted on Jul 19, 2012 | 0 comments

Recently I’ve been working with a few new clients on getting their Strategic Business Plan started. None of them had a clear Vision of where they were going. So here’s the 3 vital first steps before embarking on creating your Strategic Business Plan:

1. List your core values. 

If you don’t have your company core values nailed down yet, read Jim Collins’s “Building a Company Vision,” article in Harvard Business Review .
Your Core Values should prescribe the attitude and character of your organization, and are often embedded in your Code of Conduct. As an example, our Core Values at JWA are:


Getting It Right

Doing It Right

Caring Team Culture

Reward & Recognition

Challenge & Satisfaction

2. List your core purpose and Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  

Your core purpose and BHAG – discussed in the Jim Collins article I mentioned — are the big WHY for getting up in the morning and slugging away. The core purpose is what you continue to strive to achieve, but never reach. The late Mother Theresa urged that we “love the poor,” for instance, but she didn’t reach them all. The BHAG is the measurable 10- to 30 -year goal that you intend to achieve.

3. List your company’s three brand promises. These are the three ways you matter most to your customers and differ from the competition. There is always one lead Brand Promise – the one that truly sets you apart from the competition and leads your marketing messaging.

Get these noted down and your on your way to creating a meaningful Strategic Business Plan. Or if you need some help, come along to our Business Success Seminar in August. More Details

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