ATO Data Matching on a New High

Posted on Mar 26, 2013 | 0 comments

On the purpose of ensuring that your provided information is correct and consistent with the data that is found in other institutions, Data matching is conducted.

Data matching is a tool used by the ATO to collate information from varied sources to be compiled and used for different public purposes. It provides assurance that every citizen pays their fair share of tax.

In their pursuit to better their system of data matching, the ATO has announced the following data matching programs:

  • Local Government Payments Data Matching Program

Details of payments from local councils and shires throughout Queensland, Tasmania, NSW and Victoria.

  • Tax-free Government Pensions or benefits Data Matching Program

Data that includes names, addresses and other related information about taxpayers who have received tax-free government pensions or benefits in 2010/11 and 2011/12 would be collected by CentreLink and Veteran’s Affairs which would then be compared to their claims for dependent tax offsets.

There were also other data matching initiatives used. These include:

Credit and Debit Card Data Matching Program

Credit and debit card data will be used by the ATO to be compared to the submitted information of the taxpayers. Four banks will be participating including  Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, St George Bank, American Express Australia, BWA Merchant Services, Diners Club Australia and Bank of Queensland.

Real Property Data Matching Program

People that were transacting with real property from various State Revenue Offices and land title registration bodies around the country.

The names and addresses of those individuals will be collected by the ATO.

Banking Transparency Strategy Data Matching Program

Offshore accounts data will also be collected by the ATO. Approximately 50,000 bank customers will be participating to make sure that every Australian resident taxpayers that are potentially owners of offshore accounts will be identified.

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