Business Planning for 2013

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 | 0 comments

I saw a webcast recently from Patrick Thean at Gazelles Systems. He makes some great suggestions that I thought I would share with you.

It is very important to have winning strategies that drive your annual plan.  But don’t just focus on revenues and profit and growth.  You also need a couple key winning strategies that are exciting, that provoke passion and excitement in your team.

I have found that if we have a couple of winning strategies, really winning moves that can drive our growth through the roof, teams are much more excited about building a future together for their company.  Conversely, if all we do is focus on making a revenue number or a profit number, teams get bored and sometimes even look for new career opportunities that drive their passion and imagination.

As you plan for 2013, make sure you spend some time thinking about your 3 year plan.  Do you have any winning moves that can double your company in the next 3 years?  If you do, that is great!  If you do not, then spend the time to work on this during your Annual Planning session.  Think beyond the 12 month horizon that most people have in their annual planning sessions.  Instead, think 3 years down the road.  Are there any winning strategies that you should work on now, that will then position you correctly 3 years from now?

If you need some help with your planning for 2013, our Business Strategy team are available to help facilitate planning sessions as a specific project. Or why not take advantage of our MMM Business Success System and complete a full short and long term business plan? Call Paul Blahut today on 5585 8555 or email to discuss your Business Planning process for 2013.

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