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The Principles of Accrual Accounting

Accrual accounting is a little different that the type of accounting that most people know, in that this type of accounting measures performance of a company by the economic events that occur, rather than when cash, revenues or expenses occur. This process allows current cash flow items to be combined with the cash flow of the future expected revenues to get a more accurate look at the current...

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Importance of Keeping Good Business Records

When starting a new business many of the small business owners does not gives much thought to their accounting system. They actually do not think about it at all. They just think how to run the business and how they can make good money. Many of the small businesses fail due to the poor financial records. It is very much important to keep timely and accurate records of the business. For keeping...

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Investment Tax Deductions For Australian Real Estate

There are several ways Australians are able to use their individual savings to improve their financial status. After you have determined what your objectives are, and what you hope to achieve by investing your money, you can start to look at the opportunities available for putting your money to work. Evidently, one of the most common ways is by investing in property. Whereas having possession of...

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Anatomy Of An ATO Audit

The Australian tax office, commonly referred to as ATO has an active system that departments and businesses need to comply with. The system designed to raise maximum revenue from businesses is especially concerned with what the officers could consider to be risk departments. As a business, it is important to have up to date knowledge with regard to the requirements and obligations. This may...

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7 Australian Tax Planning Tips

It is common to worry about paying taxes as soon as the tax season arrives to legalize your money. While some people may try to adopt illegal ways to get around the taxes, however, if you are a citizen of Australia, there is no way that you can avoid taxes. Therefore, it is always a great idea to get to know about some of the tax planning tips. Before we continue, it is of prime importance to...

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7 Xero accounting software benefits

Any organization with an accounting department and does not use Xero accounting software, they are missing something out. The Xero accounting software can be used online making it the ideal package in your business. Here are the 7 Xero accounting software benefits. Automation The Xero accounting software give users an automated daily bank feeds. With this accounting software, you can actually set...

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