Company Secretarial

In every business, it is the administrative, backend, maintenance tasks that play a significant part in keeping the business afloat. In the performance of these tasks comes the necessity of expertise and knowledge of the legal and regulatory aspect of managing a business with the consideration of what applies to your business and what are those that do not. Knowing these circumstances, JWA Business & Wealth’s frontier of highly efficient and knowledgeable staff will deliver expert assistance when it comes to any obligations you might need to fulfil within their scope of responsibilities.

At JWA Business & Wealth, providing the most cost effective, efficient and suitable company secretarial services is among the top of their concerns. With years of experience behind the company and a list of satisfied clients to serve as proof, JWA Business & Wealth deserves the place among those that provide the best company secretarial services.

When customized, fit-for-your-business service is all you need

Just like every individual differ from each other’s personalities and needs, businesses seem to have the same trait. Each one needs unique and customized way of management and sustenance. That’s what JWA Business & Wealth strives to achieve. For each client that comes and seeks our services, we provide then with highly efficient and custom set of services that will fit their requirements and their company’s needs.


Please contact us for any of the following services:

  • Business registration and registration renewals
  • De-registration and dissolution of companies
  • Establishment of business entities
  • Local company incorporations and de-registrations
  • bank account establishment
  • reviewing, updating and maintenance of statutory registers
  • foreign company/branch office registrations and dissolutions
  • Drafting and reviewing of shareholder or member resolution
  • Drafting and reviewing of director’s resolution

For further information or assistance for any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us.