Corporate Finance

The Act of raising capital and to continuously increase it for a company to grow beyond its current position is not an easy task. Not many can do it and not many have the capabilities to add a company to be on the road for higher capital and increased investments.

JWA Business & Wealth has ensured that our team that will work with you has specialized experience and expertise on capital raising. We prepare clients for investors’ presentations and we make sure that each business is partnered with the right investor.

We specialize on customized approach for each and every client that we have to ensure that the financial issues currently faced by the client and their company would be address properly and resolved as soon as possible. Our team is highly flexible; they have been trained to work under pressure and to be able to work within strict deadlines. They ensure that critical decisions are made without sacrificing anything significant to the company but with the goals of the business in mind.

Development and strategic implementation of business action plans would be carefully worked out alongside the company’s management. Risks would be confronted but kept to a minimum as much as possible. Our corporate finance team would provide assistance and guidance when it comes to:

  •       Mergers and acquisitions
  •       Restructuring
  •       Financial Management
  •       Capital Raising
  •       deal development, construction and execution
  •        Sales and purchases


 JWA Business & Wealth strives to provide debt solutions for every client through assistance and  guidance, we give value to certain transactions and ensure that deals are completed without anything being compromised. Our charm is that we do business in the hope that we establish and long-lasting relationship with our clients. We like to ensure that we provide them with what their business really needs currently, with no bias of any sort.