Corporate Tax

Running, operating and managing a multinational company is burdened with the complexities of this entire process, especially with the complication of tax obligations. But when it comes to advice and services that handles tax obligations, JWA Business & Wealth makes sure that you received only the best. All businesses deal with a lot of different kinds of tax. From tax payments, to employee tax to tax implications of management buy-outs we will handle it for you.

To let you get a perspective of what our business can and will offer you, the list below showcases what we can bring to your business:

• We have a highly specialized team that could bring you beneficial information and proper execution of tax consolidation schemes.
• Updated, timely and useful advice on selling, buying, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructures and winding up businesses.
• Advice on expat taxes, employee share arrangements, salary packaging and incentive and compensation schemes.
• We also manage and provide monitoring of the varying tax implications of loans made between corporations and shareholders to ensure that the shareholders get access to the best and maximum of returns.
• We can also conduct reviews of corporations to assist with the management of tax risks.

Our range of experience came from a lot of transactions and deals we had with leading corporates, government and private organisations. We also have staffs that have experience in obtaining tax rulings, taking care of revenue authorities on corporate deals. Our best approach is to bring in industry related and business focused knowledge to every project. You are ensured that what we provide is beneficial and highly appropriate for your corporation.

Some of the corporation taxation related services that we provide include and is not limited to:
• Withholding tax
• Tax planning, compliance and investigations
• Capital gains tax
• Indirect taxes
• Goods and services tax
• Succession planning
• business structuring and restructures