Doing The Right Things Right

Posted on Dec 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Sure business is tough on the Gold Coast at the moment, but we are having some great success stories with our Business Strategy clients. The clients that consistently do the “Right Things Right” are the one’s getting the runs on the board.

Here’s a model that applies to every business, regardless of industry or business type;












The model illustrates the fundamental decisions, relationships and functions of a business. If you consider that a business is simply “people” doing “activities”, the model supports the notion that you lead people and manage their activities – you DON’T manage people.

So the basic premise is that on one hand, you need to engage strategies that will help to Get, Keep or Grow critical numbers pertaining to your Customers, Employees and Shareholders. Then you need to address the activities relating to what you Make or Buy, your Sales process and you Record Keeping process and employ strategies that will make these activities Better, Faster or Cheaper.

Simple stuff really! The challenge, as always, is implementation and accountability. JWA Business Strategy uses this model as part of our Gazelle’s One Page Business Plan which is an integral part of our MMM Business Success System.

If you’d like to discuss how to employ this model and process in your business, please call Paul Blahut – Head of Strategy at JWA on 07 5585 8555 or email





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