How To Get Ahead In Accounting

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 | 0 comments

When it comes to getting ahead in accounting, there are three things that will help you get ahead of the game: education, leadership and people skills.

If you just graduated from an accounting degree, you will most likely start out as an accounting clerk. While it’s a rock bottom position, you can move up to a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position if only you would dedicate yourself to working your way up. In fact, many CFOs started out as clerks and worked their way up. So, what does it take to get ahead in accounting?

* Further Education

Getting certifications for specialist training or getting your masters degree is really the first step in moving up. Getting specialist training will allow you to get ahead and will educate you in the different fields of accounting and help you to move up baby steps in the corporate ladder. You could go from accounting clerk to payroll processing specialist or accounts receivable specialist just by getting certification training.

* Leadership Skills

Even if your job does not require leadership skills, you can demonstrate leadership skills by taking initiative in your work and giving more value than what you’re paid for. Remember, as you move up the corporate ladder, leadership skill is required. Presentation and strong public speaking are two skills that go hand in hand with leadership, and you can develop those two skills by joining Toastmasters or similar organisations in your area.

* People skills

Having strong people skills have nothing to do with kissing ass and have everything to do with be able to handle different types of personalities and lead them to do their job properly. The only way to develop this skill is by talking to and dealing with people on a regular basis.

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