Organise Your Ideas and Make Money

Posted on Apr 5, 2011 | 0 comments

Business success takes planning, commitment, discipline and organisation. If you are exploring new ways to develop, expand, change or improve your business, it is important to carefully organise your ideas so they don’t negatively affect your profits.
Business owners are often teaming with ideas about new business plans, expanding, marketing strategies, or developing new products or services. However, it is essential that you identify and prioritise the ideas you wish to pursue, as well as determine which ideas to reject.

Too many ideas

Becoming overburdened with too may ideas about developing your business can often create confusion, a lack of focus and prevent you from acting on any new business strategies. Similarly, pursuing various different ideas at once can be a distraction, as well as waste time and money. When you are looking into new business directions, it is always necessary to sustain the foundations of your business and maintain your regular income streams.

Note it down

Consider creating a specific place to record and organise any new ideas. If you have an inspirational idea about a new product or service, note it down in your records. It may also be useful to write down any ideas about improving or fixing existing products, services or business practices. Keeping a record makes it more likely that you’ll remember an idea and take appropriate action. Instead of trying to act on ideas immediately, any concepts noted down can become a part of your well-considered planning processes. Consider having a place to note down customer feedback, ideas for product improvements or ideas for new products. This strategy will help ensure you don’t forget anything when you are developing future products. It may also be useful to keep a specific book for any leads you come across for new products or services. This will become an excellent resource for future business possibilities and opportunities.

Take notes at trade shows

Take a note book with you whenever you go to a trade show. If you meet a potential future business contact or find a new product idea, note down all the relevant details for future reference. These notes can become a useful resource, as all your business contacts, product ideas and notes will be located in one convenient place.


Keeping records will help you focus on your future business plans. Taking time to note down and carefully review ideas can prevent you from pursuing any plans that could be unsuccessful.

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