Joe Walsh broke the ‘accountant’ mould for us right from day one, I mean who can say they go surfing with their accountant every week?!!  We are in the health & well-being industry and we took one look at Joe and thought here’s a guy who looks after himself even though he has a busy & successful practice and we felt we could therefore trust him to take care of our business too.  We were right!

We love to make progress and since working with Joe he has helped us set realistic financial goals to keep us moving forward and we are forever grateful for the introduction to Xero Accounting Software, it’s so easy to operate wherever we are in the world which is important in our work.

We also have the pleasure of working with Joe’s staff, timely replies to our queries and nothing is too much trouble.

Thanks Joe and team JWA for taking great care of the financial side of our business.

Devo, Equalize Training Company

JWA have been there to guide us through fluctuating market cycles.  Their expert advice and strategies have contributed to maintaining our 20% growth each year with sound cash flow management.

Financial Planning Industry, Gold Coast

JWA have been our Accountants for the past 9 years. We are extremely happy with all of the services we receive from their “One Stop Shop”. It is so convenient to have an Accountant that offers so much more than just Tax Returns. With Joe’s help and knowledge we now have a structure that separates our personal and business assets and offers us a tax effective set up.

AJS Construction Industry, Gold Coast

Joe opened my eyes to the massive savings to be made purchasing USD up front in these times

Brad Hauck
Clickable Adwords, Gold Coast

The information session on “Things you need to know about Employment Contracts” at Joe’s office was invaluable!  For just one hour of my time I received a comprehensive list of things to look out for when reviewing our current employment contracts as well as a comprehensive run down on collective bargaining. Michael Corrigan’s expertise, professionalism and down to earth approach has truly impressed me. Thank you, Joe, for allowing me to attend this session. It has highlighted some very important issues and I look forward to a serious clean up of our company’s HR policies.

Alice Berry, Gold Coast
Glass Now