Tax Avoidance Schemes – Be Wary!

Posted on May 2, 2012 | 0 comments

At this time of the year there are many tax avoidance schemes being promoted. BE WARY.

Modern tax schemes can be very sophisticated and may masquerade as complex investments or other arrangements that can appeal even to experienced investors.

Just like genuine investments, these schemes might promise you ‘wealth creation’ or financial security. Others can exploit your social or environmental conscience by promising you large up-front tax deductions for donations to charity or ‘green initiatives’.

Many are marketed via social media or glossy promotional brochures, with offers of exclusivity and the stamp of approval from so-called ‘experts’.

As appealing as an investment opportunity may sound, sometimes the promised tax benefits might not be available under the law.

If you’re considering entering into an arrangement that will affect your tax liabilities, it’s important to carefully investigate and understand the tax consequences before making your investment decision.

If you have been approached to participate in any tax minimisation scheme, give us a call and let us check it out thoroughly for you. Or better still – make an appointment today for a Tax Planning consultation.  

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