Trust – The New Test For Marketing

Posted on Feb 2, 2013 | 0 comments

In today’s world of global sales channels, instant communication, and outsourced talent, consumer trust has become one of the key factors in choosing a supplier, vendor, professional service or product. In the wake of falsified earning reports, insider trading scandals, and outrage over executive compensation, trust has taken on an even greater impact.

The marketing strategy of your business and the resultant sales performance are heavily influenced by the foundation of buyer confidence. Logic or reason make people think, but emotion makes them act, and the emotional ties created in a trusting relationship far outweigh the rational arguments of a PowerPoint presentation or glossy brochure. Similarly, a web site should be providing customer benefits or experiences, not the seller’s self-promotion.

The best car salespeople tell prospects that they “look good” (or even “cool”) sitting in the car, and toss the keys over for a test drive. They don’t talk about the engine performance or the suspension. The astute maître d’ will always tell you that your wine selection is “an excellent choice,” even if it tastes like dishwater! I’m not advocating sycophancy, but I am stressing that trust will always get you the benefit of the doubt. Many years ago a clever marketing executive doubled shampoo sales overnight when he merely suggested that his company place three words on every label: “rinse and repeat.” Most people still do it.

So what assurance and emotional attachment is a customer likely to acquire or obtain during the initial interactions with your organization’s marketing and sales approaches?

For a really good presentation of the rational versus emotional experience, have a look at Simon Sinek’s video “Start With Why”.

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