What you should expect from your bookkeeper

Posted on May 24, 2013 | 0 comments

Not everyone can do their own books. It’s like asking a five day old baby to speak already. It will be impossible to keep up with learning bookkeeping while managing a business. Thus, the need to hire a bookkeeper. Working with a bookkeeper should be like working with a business partner, they handle your finances thus you should have a good connection with him/her. Now, you should not be the submissive one in this business relationship. Rules should be set and they should be followed by your bookkeeper as much as possible. It would also help that you set expectations so there would be no disappointment. To help you in this area, here are expectations that we think you should establish with your bookkeeper to ensure that they do their job properly and deliver the service that you have asked them to:

Attention to detail
The tiniest and smallest of mistakes can be a huge difference when collected in time. Your bookkeeper should be keen enough to notice these small details and know when they are ok to ignore and when they should be taken care of.

Experienced and Stand alone
They should be able to do their job without too much supervision. Training at first should be fine but continued supervision and assistance with their tasks even if there has been quite a lot of time for them to learn about the ins and outs of their task is too much.

Computer Literacy
Despite the fact that anything by hand can be highly advantageous for financial reports, a computerized bookkeeping system still has better perks. Your bookkeeper should know how to operate a computer and to use the bookkeeping system. You should also expect your bookkeeper to know the basics of using excel, word, email and the internet.

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