What Drives JWA?


With JWA’s Gold Coast accountants, we only engage a client if we know we can materially assist in growing their Gold Coast business. As a client of JWA this means increasing your personal net wealth.

Our clients typically seek to improve their businesses and value our educational approach. Our clients wish to understand their business structures and appreciate the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through our Gold Coast based Business Improvement and Wealth Management Workshops.

We strive for results driven success in all that we do. We are dedicated to making our clients’ business and personal financial affairs effective, efficient and well organised – we make things as simple as possible for you. Your success is our focus.

Our clients agree with us that a team can provide a more comprehensive and valuable service than an individual. That’s why we use a collaborative approach to provide what you and your Gold Coast business need – to maximise your success.

That’s why we do what we do!


Because you have to! And because you need accurate numbers.

We prepare tax returns, financial statements, annual ASIC Company returns, Business Activity Statements, because you have to – it’s an annual activity that is required by law. Our job is to complete it correctly to give you peace of mind.

We have a Gold Coast based bookkeeping division in house to supply quality, cost effective bookkeeping and payroll solutions for you. This means reduced costs for tax returns and financial statements because we are controlling the data entry process, which is reviewed by our tax specialist Chartered Accountants.

We value your time. We realise that you would rather be engaged in sales or production, not sitting in front of a computer wondering if your books are right. We give you back time to spend as you like.


Because you need to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there!

Our Gold Coast business strategy team focuses on the bigger picture, where you are going and how you will get there. We help you stay focused and gain clarity. We work with you to implement projects that will increase your revenue, boost your profitability and maximise the value of your biggest asset, your business. Maximising your success is our strategy.


Because you want to keep what you’ve earned!

This brings all the results of your hard work together. We plan with you to minimize your tax so you keep more in your pocket. We position your assets so they are protected from risks. We ensure you have the necessary arrangements in place to ensure your assets end up in the right hands through effective succession planning, estate planning and self-managed superannuation.

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