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Posted on Feb 26, 2011 | 0 comments

No business that is intent at its own success should be without a website. With today’s society going virtual, so too should your business if it is to resonate with tech-savvy, independent consumers.

Today’s consumers will use the internet as a first resort resource in accessing information. Therefore, a website provides your customers with a less intimidating, immediate communication and information source.

A website should reflect your business and your intended audience. This will mean that all images, text and media should create a coherent, readable and navigable whole.

In planning for your website, it is important that you define your business’s operations and its target market.

Some questions you must ask regarding your business include:

  • What does my business do?
  • What services and/or products do I wish to specialise in?
  • Who is my main competition?
  • What is my brand identity?
  • What are my long term goals?
  • How do I want to position myself in the market?

Similarly, identifying you target market is essential in web design:

  • What characterises my audience? Characteristics include lifestyle, income, demographics and small business or corporate.
  • What is my audience looking for?
  • What sort of web experience do I wish to provide?

The answers to these questions will provide the framework necessary in designing your website and what content, images and layout it is to have. For essentially your website is an extension of your business and brand.

Once up and running, your website will require ongoing maintenance, such as regular updates, to keep it fresh and interesting for your customers.

In the end, with the appropriate tools, your website has the potential to communicate with a wider audience. Like the power of word of mouth, the satisfaction and efficiency a single customer gains through your website will influence the extent of the wider audience it will reach.

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